September 6, 2011

Dynamo Debbie

Hi Debbie! This is Gus. Say, I heard you left us down here to fend for ourselves? What’s up with that? You’re the one that gave all of us a spark, the quick-witted playful one, and oh the zest for LIFE you had! Well, I’m sure you’re in a much better and safer place anyway, in the loving arms of the one who created you. Funny communicating with you in this way, right here on my blog and website, but I figured since you’ve been such a quiet and anonymous supporter of my dream in writing a book one day, it couldn’t be more fitting than right here, from where I’ll glean much of the material for the book. Fitting too, since the title I’ve had in mind for awhile is “Inspiration at the End…Discovering a NEW Beginning.” Now that your earthly life is over, you’re starting fresh up there in Heaven.

Funny too in this way. The last time I saw you in person was at the funeral memorial held in honor of someone else we both know, Willie Ramirez, a fellow graduate of our old high school, Torrey Pines near Del Mar, CA. You had to leave early that day back in May 2010, leaving the services early there in Carlsbad, CA. headed for your beloved Jamaica. I’m sorry we didn’t have a chance to speak privately, though we stayed in touch from time to time via that other communication tool we ALL know so well, good ‘ol Facebook, the place where I started calling you “Dynamo Debbie”, an apropro nick since you always lived your life in a dynamic way. And without that wonderful social medium, I would have never gotten back in touch with you following our high school graduation 34 years ago. I want you to know I appreciate all the words of encouragement you’ve given me over the past couple of years.

Speaking of high school, you remember that time we were flying down I-5 in my ’74 Ford Maverick? Me and your old pal “MJB” in the front seat, you and John Laidlaw in the back seat, the windows down, our hair flying (back when I HAD some :), the music playing loud, and laughing our asses off. Good times. I knew you only for a couple of years during the final years of high school from ’75-’77, but your presence was a welcome breath of fresh air in my life, like I’m sure it was for so many back then.

Fortunately, it was my honor to see you again at our 10 year class reunion in San Diego. By then, I’d gone back to Kansas but upon returning that weekend, it was like I never left. You were one of the hosts that night as I recall, and given your natural talent for coordinating such an event, it was a perfect evening. But, I must tell you, I’m sure you stuffed the ballot box that night when you announced in front of EVERYONE that I was the dubious recipient of “sexiest receding hairline.” Come to think of it, given your ornery nature, I’m ALSO certain you had something to do with another dubious distinction I received when we graduated from high school, stuffing the ballot box THEN when I was voted “class flirt” along with someone else we both know, whose name will remain anonymous for privacy reasons!

Well my friend, I must go now, but before I do, I just wanted to say this; you may be gone from us here on earth, but your smile, your zest for life, and your loving nature will ALWAYS be with us. And for that, on behalf of my-self, your fellow ‘mates from Torrey Pines H.S., the 1977 Falcons, the “Class with CLASS”, ALL of your friends, and family, THANK YOU and may you rest in peace…until we see each other again on the other side. 

~ Your friend...Gus Rowe

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