December 23, 2010

Pay it Forward - Part III – 12-23-10

I've discovered something since starting this project of Paying it Forward on December 17th, 2010 as my Christmas gift to the woman I love. Now and then, the benefit comes back! For example, yesterday I got a call from a gentleman who works in the legal department with the California Department of Insurance. He had sent me a letter in early December, in which the department had denied my insurance license application. This letter came after literally months of efforts in completing 52 hours of on-line courses, passing the state exam in mid-September, on the job training, and then only to wait until the department reviewed "background issues." In spite of all the progress made over the past nearly 3 years, I was denied a license in late November. At that point, most people might have given up. Not me. Never say never. So, I appealed their decision with a long letter, asking them to reconsider this decision, which included 4 sterling letters of recommendation from various individuals. Then, on December 6th, I received another notice denying the appeal. Again, I didn't give up. So I called the gentleman who signed this letter on December 9th, the same one with whom I spoke with yesterday, and did everything I could to convince him I felt their decision was unjust. All he said then was he might, but that I was likely out of options. Then suddenly, on December 16th, another letter. Apparently, the power of persuasion and never-say-die attitude works! The department granted me a license! So, yesterday he calls me and says, "You've gotten an early Christmas gift. I took your concerns to the Assistant Chief Counsel of the California Insurance Department and he reversed the earlier decision." Amazing how God works, isn't it?

Now, to the task at hand. Here are the latest additions to the "12 Things of Christmas" to give to my love. As I wrote in an earlier post, once I got started, I felt like the list might grow bigger!

11.)    Took my daughter and niece to Ice World to skate, then out to dinner and a movie. The cost? Pretty big but oh, the memories!

12.)    Left a $10 tip on a $23 breakfast tab for my daughter and I yesterday morning with only a note that read, "Keep kindness alive, pay it forward."

13.)    Asked the drive-up cashier at Wendy's what the tab was for the car behind me. Handing him their $3.33 amount due, I left a card that read, "Merry Christmas!" My daughter Christy was with me and said, "How sweet!" As we pulled away, the people in the car behind us honked and waved at us frantically. Ahhhhhh……

14.)    Bought and delivered dinner to my girlfriend since she had been cleaning and mopping her basement all day. It had been completely flooded from the deluge of rain San Diego County had received over the previous 5 days.

Granted, all of these acts of kindness involved money but the emotional and spiritual benefit, not to mention the example set for my daughter was, in a word, PRICELESS. So, that makes 14 and there's still ONE day left until Christmas. I pray God gives me more chances to Pay It Forward!


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