December 19, 2010

Pay it Forward - Part II

In the last post about paying it forward, I listed “Acts of Kindness” I was doing as my gift to the woman I love for Christmas. By way of background, you may review that post of December 17th, 2010 to give you a sense of this simple concept.

So, here are the additions to the 12 things of Christmas to give to her, but as I mentioned previously, at the rate they’re piling up, it looks like the list will grow much bigger! Hope you can find it in your heart to do something similar. It takes more effort than you might think and you have to keep an eye out for signs of what it means to touch someone’s heart with “paying it forward!”

6.)      Bought a large poinsettia for my girlfriend.

7.)      Vacuumed my sister’s house.

8.)      While shopping at Ralph’s market, left a $5 tip with a gentleman giving out promotional free coffee who worked there. Told him ½ of the tip was from the lady standing behind me who was also getting coffee. He looked at her and said, “Nice guy, huh?” She said with a big smile, “Yes, he is!” Ahhhhh…..:)

9.)      After purchasing a newspaper from a newspaper stand, left 50 cents sitting there for the “next guy.”

10.)    Washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen after a lovely meal prepared by my true love.

Ten down, two to go, and there’s still 5 days left until Christmas!

And REMEMBER this line from the young boy in the movie Pay It Forward: “It’s hard. You can’t plan it. You have to watch people more. To protect them. Because they can’t always see what they need. It’s like your big chance to fix something, it’s not like your bike. You can….FIX a person.”

That’s YOUR chance. Help someone in need, keep kindness alive!



Anonymous said...

Wow, what a "true love" you are! Is it "12 days" or "12 acts" of kindness? Blessings to you and the recipients who receive your gifts of kindness! Thanks for sharing this.

Shari Gale said...

Wonderful! I copied and pasted the words from the young boy in the Movie to my Microsoft Office Word. Times New Roman, Blue as you had it, 28 font...It looks great!

Bond 007 said...

12 "acts" but not in 12 "days". The request was given on the 17th so I have to push! And GLAD to do it!!

Sandy said...

Wow..a guy that actually does dishes and doesn't think its not a manly thing to do! That's really romantic. If everyone did an act of kindness every day, can you just imagine what a great world this would be? Awesome. Thank you,

Bond 007 said...

Mostly because I have this "thing" about dishes Sandy. Call me anal but I can't stand dirty dishes!