May 19, 2010

The Circle of Life

This one's weird. A few short months ago, I was talking with a few of my facebook friends, family, and others about how life is a circle. Do you believe it's a circle in your life? Do you have any examples?

Here's something to ponder but, before I go into this latest "rambling", this post reminds me of the other ones I've mentioned before; things happen for a reason, destiny, fate, etc.

Earlier this year, I made the remark that I've come back to SoCal and its been a 27 year circle to get here. A lot has obviously happened in those 27 years; my first job with ITT Financial as a collection and loan officer in Great Falls, MT., Craig, CO., and Grand Junction, CO.; moving back to Tribune in 1985 where I began working in the bank October 10th, 1985, first in the insurance agency and then in 1988, as a full-time loan officer; started farming with my Dad in 1985 and eventually taking over the entire 4000 acre operation in 1994 after he retired; got married in 1992, the result of which is two wonderful children, Christy and Jess, and sadly divorced in 2000; and finally, hitting my own bottom with an insidious disease called alcoholism in 2008. Two years later, here I am in San Diego, one month away from getting my paralegal certificate and about to take a leap of faith into the job pool and a tough job market.

But here's what's been on my mind lately. Since I arrived in SoCal, I've gained not one, not two, but TEN friends on my Facebook page, all of them from Kansas. Seems peculiar to me that I moved 1200 miles from "home" and now the circle is moving around again. So I ask myself this question. Why? That's the sort of thing I do, I always have, I dissect things, analyze them, ponder the meaning of it all. Am I destined to return to Kansas? Or is God putting these people back into my life to remind me of my roots? My values? That pioneer spirit of my Kansas brethren? Is He putting them back into my life so that I won't lose that spirit, so that I can channel that energy of these unique people in and through me to reach out to all the lost souls I see here?

That's the answer I think. Something in my gut tells me so. Something has happened AGAIN for a reason. Time will tell and I'll have my antenna up for further signs of where this new path will lead in the land here in SoCal they call "Paradise."

In the meantime, tell me, what is YOUR circle of life story?



Mel said...

Gus, here's a small circle. Jan Chilson and I met today face to face. We live not ten miles from each other but did not know who the other was til we became FB friends because of a 'friend' we have in common, you! Wes and Jan knew who Walt was, of course, but not me because of the age difference. And we met not in Tribune but in Garden and recognized each other immediately because of our profile pics. Cool beans and thanks. Also, intend to comment on some other threads when I get some time.

Bond 007 said...

That is SO cool Melodie! Isn't that funny, how we can live so close to someone yet not know them, not until a forum like Facebook comes along? I'm glad and it warms my heart with your "circle of life" story. Doesn't have to be big, just honest, open, and REAL. Thank you my friend.